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New Articles: Two New Research Communication Articles Posted in EBL!


Two new Research Communication articles posted in EBL!

Traditional Knowledge as a Basis for the Development of a Sustainable Resource Management Program: A Case Study in a Rural Village in Morelos, Mexico
Rubén Hernández-Tapia, Teresa Valverde, Abel Aranda, Concepción Martínez-Peralta, Diana Platas-Neri

Use of Cetaceans as Bait in Southern Bahia, Brazil, by Expert Fishermen that Market Shark Fins: A Lucrative Trade and Two Threatened Zoological Groups
Marcio Luiz Vargas Barbosa-Filho, Rebeca Mascarenhas Fonseca Barreto, Salvatore Siciliano, Cecilia Inés Seminara, Eraldo Medeiros Costa-Neto

Posted: 2018-03-19

New Articles: Two New Articles Posted in EBL!

Two new articles posted in EBL! One by Andrew Gillreath-Brown and the other by Jonathan DeVore.  
Posted: 2017-12-22
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Vol 9, No 2 (2018)

Cover Page

Cover image: Mycology excursion and mushroom picking at the 40th Annual Conference of the Society for Ethnobiology in Montréal, Québec, Canada. Participants foraged for fungi at Parc des Chutes de Sainte-Ursule. Photo by Liz Olson (2017).