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Ethnobiology Letters (ISSN 2159-8126) is a gold open access, fully online, peer reviewed journal for publication of short communications concerning ethnobiology, the study of the relationships between humans and environments in diverse spatial and temporal contexts. Published by the Society of Ethnobiology, with support from its membership, EBL does not currently charge publication fees. Articles are published on a rolling basis in one annual issue, with occasional thematic issues. EBL is indexed in Scopus and DOAJ. For more information about submitting articles, see Author Guidelines and Online Submissions.



New Articles: Just published!

“Buying a Pig in a Poke”: The Problem of Elasmobranch Meat Consumption in Southern Brazil by Hugo Bornatowski, Raul Rennó Braga, Carolina Kalinowski, Jean Ricardo Simões Vitule  
Posted: 2015-11-18

New Articles: New Mini-Review in Ethnobiology Letters

Examining Fuel Use in Antiquity: Archaeobotanical and Anthracological Approaches in Southwest Asia by Alexia Smith, Krista Dotzel, Joyce Fountain, Lucas Proctor, and Madelynn von Baeyer  
Posted: 2015-11-07

New Articles: Hot off the press

Cecil H. Brown has just published a short perspective essay on Paleobiolinguistics of New World Crops and the Otomanguean Language Family!
Posted: 2015-09-24

New Articles: Perspective essay

Trail Trees: Living Artifacts (Vivifacts) of Eastern North America by Nicholas C. Kawa, Bradley Painter, and Cailín E. Murray  
Posted: 2015-09-17
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Vol 6, No 1 (2015)

Cover Page

Cover image: A summer puesto in the Andes of western Argentina. Photo by Steve Wolverton.