New Articles: Ethnobiology Letters Publishes New Articles in a New Issue, Vol. 10, Issue 1

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New Articles: New Research Communications Article

Viviana Albarracín and Enzo Aliaga-Rossel
Posted: 2018-12-31

New Articles: New Perspectives Article

John Robert White
Posted: 2018-11-28

New Articles: New Perspectives Article

Justin Raycraft
Posted: 2018-11-21

New Articles: New Data, Methods & Taxonomies Article!

Brandy Garrett Kluthe, Margaret Guiccioni, Steven L. Stephenson
Posted: 2018-10-19

New Articles: Two New Articles Posted in EBL!


Take a look at our latest Research Communications articles:

Jacob Fisher
Posted: 2018-09-10

New Articles: Three New Research Communication Articles Posted in EBL!

Check out our newest articles in the current issue:
Dulce María Ávila Nájera, Eduardo J Naranjo, Barbara Jane Tigar, Oscar Agustin Villarreal, Germán David Mendoza
Elodie Drane, Marie Feliot-Rippeault, Juliette Smith-Ravin, Odile François-Haugrin
Baye Magatte Diop, Mame Codou Gueye, Codjo Emile Agbangba, Ndiaga Cisse, Monique Deu, Omar Diack, Amadou Fofana, Ndjido Ardo Kane, Khadidiatou Ndoye Ndir, Ibrahima Ndoye, Ablaye Ngom, Christian Leclerc, Marie Piquet, Yves Vigouroux, Leila Zekraoui, Claire Billot, Adeline Barnaud
Posted: 2018-08-05

New Articles: Two New Articles Posted in EBL!

A Short Topical Review by Tanya M. Peres:
Posted: 2018-06-13

New Articles: Three New Review Articles Posted in EBL!

Reviewed by Eugene N. Anderson
Posted: 2018-06-05

New Articles: New Research Communication Article Posted in EBL!

Andrew W. Weiland, Kristen J. Gremillion
Posted: 2018-05-23

New Articles: Three New Research Communication Articles Posted in EBL!

Syafitri Hidayati, Bibi Aminah Abdul Ghani, Beena Giridharan, Mohd Zafri Hassan, Merlin Franco Francis
Posted: 2018-04-25

New Articles: Two New Research Communication Articles Posted in EBL!


Two new Research Communication articles posted in EBL!

Traditional Knowledge as a Basis for the Development of a Sustainable Resource Management Program: A Case Study in a Rural Village in Morelos, Mexico
Rubén Hernández-Tapia, Teresa Valverde, Abel Aranda, Concepción Martínez-Peralta, Diana Platas-Neri

Use of Cetaceans as Bait in Southern Bahia, Brazil, by Expert Fishermen that Market Shark Fins: A Lucrative Trade and Two Threatened Zoological Groups
Marcio Luiz Vargas Barbosa-Filho, Rebeca Mascarenhas Fonseca Barreto, Salvatore Siciliano, Cecilia Inés Seminara, Eraldo Medeiros Costa-Neto

Posted: 2018-03-19

New Articles: Two New Articles Posted in EBL!

Two new articles posted in EBL! One by Andrew Gillreath-Brown and the other by Jonathan DeVore.  
Posted: 2017-12-22

New Articles: New Research Communication published in Ethnobiology Letters!

Beyond Depression? A Review of the Optimal Foraging Theory Literature in Zooarchaeology and Archaeobotany by Emily Lena Jones and David A. Hurley.  
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New Articles: Ethnobiology Letters publishes new articles in Vol. 8, Issue 1


Biocultural Design: Harvesting Manomin with Wabaseemoong Independent Nations by Valeria Kuzivanova and Iain J. Davidson-Hunt

Gender Bias Affects Forests Worldwide by Marlène Elias, Susan S Hummel, Bimbika S Basnett, and Carol J.P. Colfer
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New Articles: Editorial looks towards plurality and diversity in ethnobiology in 2017


Ethnobiology Letters wraps up its regular annual issue with an editorial that reflects on some challenges to biodiversity and cultural diversity during the last year, as well as some areas of bright promise in 2017.

Plurality in Ethnobiology: A Look Towards 2017 by James R. Welch, John M. Marston, Elizabeth A. Olson
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Special Issue: Ethnobiology Letters publishes new special issue on “Memoirs and Memory"


Ethnobiology Letters has just published a special issue on “Memoirs and Memory," guest edited by John Richard Stepp. This issue seeks includes six original contributions accompanied by an editorial by Stepp. The articles are memoirs in the broadest sense, including reflections and analyses of unpublished data.

Table of Contents for Vol. 7, Issue 2: Special Issue on Memoirs and Memory

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New Articles: New Research Communication published in Ethnobiology Letters!

Searching for Symbolic Value of Cattle: Tropical Livestock Units, Market Price, and Cultural Value of Maasai Livestock by Robert J. Quinlan, Isaya Rumas, Godfrey Naiskye, Marsha Quinlan, Jonathan Yoder  
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Of Interest: Popular articles? These were Ethnobiology Letter’s most accessed articles in August 2016 according to CrossRef data regarding DOI traffic:


1) Preliminary Starch Grain Evidence of Ancient Stone Tool Use at the Early Archaic (9,000 B.P.) Site of Sandy Hill, Mashantucket, Connecticut by Thomas C. Hart, Timothy H. Ives (2013)

2) Saccharomyces cerevisiae Fermentation Effects on Pollen: Archaeological Implications by Crystal A. Dozier (2016)

3) Sustainable Science? Reducing the Carbon Impact of Scientific Mega-Meetings by Alexandra G. Ponette-González, Jarrett E. Byrnes (2011)

4) An Interview with Ethnobiologist Dr. Elizabeth Widjaja by Cynthia Fowler, Amy Pittsenbarger (2011)

5) Folk Knowledge of an Individual Plant Specimen: The Case of the Royal Fern (Osmunda regalis L.) in Virestad Parish, Småland, Sweden by Ingvar Svanberg (2012)

6) Human Impacts on Seals, Sea Lions, and Sea Otters: Integrating Archaeology and Ecology of the Northeast Pacific by Ray Pierotti (2013)

7) Ethnobiology 5: Interdisciplinarity in an Era of Rapid Environmental Change by Steve Wolverton (2013)

8) Birdlime in Western Myanmar: Preparation, Use, and Conservation Implications for an Endemic Bird by Steven G. Platt, Kalyar Platt, Thet Zaw Naing, Hong Meng, Win Ko Ko, Naing Lin, Robert J. Tizzard, Khin Myo Myo, Me Me Soe, Thomas R. Rainwater (2012)

9) Tusk or Bone? An Example of Ivory Substitute in the Wildlife Trade by Margaret E. Sims, Barry W. Baker, Robert M. Hoesch (2011)

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New Articles: Just published in EBL



Birds of the Mongol Empire by Eugene N. Anderson


Ethnobotany and Biocultural Diversities in the Balkans. Perspectives on Sustainable Rural Development and Reconciliation. Edited by Andrea Pieroni and Cassandra L. Quave. 2014. Springer, New York. 255 pp. Reviewed by Katherine E. French

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New Articles: Check out these new articles in Ethnobiology Letters!


Calling for greater attention to global health issues in the field of ethnobiology, Quinlan and Quinlan review the innovative field of One Health. Brien A. Meilleur reviews Le Bestiaire Innu, Les Quadrupèdes by Daniel Clément, an ambitious compilation of Innu knowledge about 20 quadrupeds. Steve Wolverton reviews The Forest Unseen: A Year’s Watch in Nature by David George Haskell, a personal account of the author’s ecological observations of one square-meter in the southern Appalachian forest over the course of a single year.


Ethnobiology in One Health by Marsha B. Quinlan, Robert J. Quinlan


Le Bestiaire Innu, Les Quadrupèdes. By Daniel Clément. 2012. Presses de l’Université Laval, Quebèc City. 548 pp. Reviewed by Brien Meilleur

The Forest Unseen: A Year’s Watch in Nature. By David George Haskell. 2013. Penguin Books, New York. 288 pp. Reviewed by Steve Wolverton

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Improvements: Ethnobiology Letters now publishes in HTML format


We are pleased to announce that Ethnobiology Letters now publishes articles in both PDF and HTML formats to facilitate online reading! Our traditional PDFs are still available for printing and downloading to your digital library. The new HTML formatting, available for all 2016 articles, allows quick full-text viewing without the need to download a separate file.

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Improvements: Ethnobiology Letters invites reflections, memorials, interviews, and other short opinion pieces

Responding to interest by potential authors, EBL now invites reflections, obituaries, interviews, and other short opinion pieces for publication in our recently expanded section Interviews & Reflections. This new forum is intended to provide space for ethnobiological insights and thoughts with all the benefits and longevity of indexed open access academic publishing. Submissions to this section will be evaluated by our editors on the basis of content and interest. Interviews & Reflections manuscripts are limited to 3500 words, 10 cited references, two figures, and one video. For more specific guidelines, please see:  
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New Articles: Ethnobiology Letters starts 2016 with a bang!


Check out these original research papers and reviews in our new issue. EBL publishes articles on a rolling bases throughout the year, so check back soon to see more!


Ethnobotany of Breadfruit in Vanuatu: Review and Prospects by Jean-Pierre Labouisse

Saccharomyces cerevisiae Fermentation Effects on Pollen: Archaeological Implications by Crystal A. Dozier


Longitudinal Taphonomic Studies of Mammal Carcasses from the Rio Salado Valley, Mendoza, Argentina by Clara Otaola and Alfonsina Tripaldi

Eastern Sumbanese Bird Classification and Nomenclature: Additions and Revisions by Gregory Forth


The Relative Native: Essays on Indigenous Conceptual Worlds. By Eduardo Viveiros de Castro. Reviewed by Eugene N. Anderson

Una Isĩ Kayawa: Livro de Cura do Povo Huni Kuĩ do Rio Jordão. Edited by Agostinho Manduca M. Ĩka Muru and Alexandre Quinet. Reviewed by Carlos E. A. Coimbra Jr.

Around the World in 80 Plants: An Edible Perennial Vegetable Adventure in Temperate Climates. By Stephen Barstow. Reviewed by Ada Grabowska-Zhang

The Ecology of Pastoralism. Edited by P. Nick Kardulias. Reviewed by Kārlis Rokpelnis

Ancient Pathways, Ancestral Knowledge: Ethnobotany and Ecological Wisdom of Indigenous Peoples of Northwestern North America. Vols. 1 & 2. Reviewed by Vanessa Mardones

Rivers, Fish, and the People: Tradition, Science, and Historical Ecology of Fisheries in the American West. Edited by Pei-Lin Yu. Reviewed by Jonathan Dombrosky

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Improvements: EBL Adopts Creative Commons License

Ethnobiology Letters (EBL) is pleased to announce that it has moved to a new licensing model based on Creative Commons licenses that more fully reflects the journal’s open access vision. The latest generation of Creative Commons licenses help journals like EBL to fully embrace open access while allowing authors to retain their own copyrights, ensuring proper recognition of our journal’s and Society’s contribution, and discouraging third parties from using our publications for commercial gain. We intend to make this change starting with our first 2016 issue. Additionally, we have also applied this license to all previously published articles. Click "more" for further details about how this affects the rights of past and future authors.  
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